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Leave me a comment and I'll give you a color. Within a week, you must post a picture of one of your favorite men/women that involves this color in some way or the other, regardless of whether it's in their clothes or a background object.

fishlegs gave me the colour grey. helreginn posted more than one person in her meme, so I will too <3 But I'm going to start with a guilty pleasure of mine.

These two go first, as I've recently started shipping like fuckin' Fedex.

Paul Simon and George Harrison

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I have more pictures of other people.

To save your flistCollapse )

a new journal for a new year

Well, its a few days early. So what?

I found that my old one, which spanned the last 6 years or whatever, was too full of dumb shit and angst to bother deleting all those entries in my yearly purge. So I am starting over.

I still have my old writing journal, and I will still be updating that one, but I wanted to keep this seperate. Mostly because not everyone likes what I have to write about. :